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Starbucks Is Making Changes To All Of Their Stores!

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Over the next three years, Starbucks will be making some major changes to their stores with plans to automate processes, improve employee scheduling and other benefits as well. The company will spend $450 million to make our lives easier when it comes to ordering our favorite coffee concoctions. They said their stores were built for a different era and they have to modernize to meet today's world.

Starbucks is introducing a piece of equipment called the Siren System, which is designed to meet the growing demand for customization of hot and cold beverages and warm foods. Part of the system includes a redesign of its cold beverage station, which sharply reduces the time and number of steps to make cold beverages.

Starbucks also is developing a faster way to extract cold coffee and espresso with the Cold Pressed Cold Brew system. The system can make cold-brew coffee in seconds and in fewer than four steps, compared to Starbucks’ current method for cold brew which is steeped for 20 hours and takes more than 20 steps to make.

The great news in all of this , aside from the fact that our orders will be prepared in less time is that the baristas won't be replaced. The CTO of the company said these changes will actually help make the baristas jobs easier.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen, below...

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