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6pm Is The New 8pm When It Comes To Dinner Time!

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Restaurant workers are reporting that there seems to be a shift in the time that people come in for dinner. Pre-pandemic, people would go out to eat at 7pm, 8pm, even 9 or 10. But now, restaurant employees are saying there are more and more people that are looking to make 6pm reservations or even…..5pm! They say that many times, by 6:30pm, their seating will be full.

It's true apparently. 6pm is the new 8pm when it comes to dining out.

So why the shift?

These days, the boundaries between one’s professional and social lives have collapsed: More people are working from home and they are, in many cases, going to bed earlier which means an earlier dinner.

It’s not that people WANT to eat at 5pm or 6pm but when you’ve been working from home all day and nighttime starts to ascend on us, we gravitate to the kitchen earlier than had we had a long commute home after leaving the office at 5pm.

What about you? What time are you eating dinner these days? 877-981-0981 or let us know on our Facebook page.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below....

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