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This Sport Is Really Taking Off

Pickeball - Mixed Doubles Play

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Have you had a chance to play pickleball yet?

Lots of people have, and the sport is really catching on. It’s a combinations of racquetball, tennis and ping-pong, and played with a paddle and what looks like a whiffle ball. 

Communities across the country are setting up pickleball courts, and players are flocking to them. In fact, so many people are picking up the game that people who live near courts in Walnut Creek are complaining about the noise. The city converted several tennis courts into pickleball courts at Rudgear Park., and so many people take advantage of the facility that neighbors are complaining about the noise the paddles make & the shortage of parking.

The city may move the courts to the city’s gymnasium during the week. Players say a softer ball may also reduce noise.

Jack & Carolyn talked about this on the Morning Breeze. Listen here:

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