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The Morning Breeze w/ Carolyn McArdle & Cort Johnson

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A Haunted House Experience In San Jose Returns Again This Year!

haunted house in the halloween night

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For the first time in over two years, the haunted house extravaganza returns! This magnificent love of Halloween attracts over ten thousand enthusiasts thrilled to be scared with fright fun.

 This tradition was established over ten years ago when a full city block is shut down to accommodate the throngs of garbed thrill seekers, families, and kids of all ages in costume to experience a handmade horror fun creation without compare.

Halloween is second only to Christmas in festive celebration here in the USA. It now goes beyond the Celtic tradition of carving out pumpkins alit with candles on the porch to scare away spirits. Now many families decorate their front yards with spooky items like cob webs, skeletons, creepy caricatures, and even giant inflatable monsters for passersby and all to view.

But this tradition goes above and beyond all that! Created is a professional caliber haunted house amusement. For over a decade, an entire city street is shut down from end to end to accommodate the throngs of enthusiasts wanting to experience the thrill. This Halloween Block party has a separate theme every year. Past years had a ghost pirate ship, a haunted San Jose local hotel, a scary amusement park, and this year’s theme is still a secret waiting to be unveiled. 

The caliber of the Halloween event is equal to professional haunted houses and is often even better. An all-volunteer effort by creative and innovative craftspeople shows in the end result: A magnificent visual creation for all the community to enjoy for FREE!   

Due to Covid, the last two years were suspended with an overabundance of safety concerns. Now with restrictions lifted, the haunted house has returned to expectant joy of children and families yearning for Halloween to arrive.

The event is created in the front yards of three families who love Halloween and seek to share the holiday with everyone in the community. The planning and building and sourcing takes a full year before the holiday. An entire city block is cordoned off to accommodate the estimated 10, 000 plus adventurers seeking to be scared, and local San Jose Fire Department Station 13 is onsite for safety.

People from all points come out in costume before going trick or treating or heading off to a Halloween party. The event starts early for young children with a no-scare tour of the haunted house with optional “ Stuffed Animal Protectors” that kids can choose to take with them while attending. Youths, adults, and groups come later to get the full effects of screams, scares, costumed performers, and all else for a magical Halloween.

Carolyn McArdle and Jack Kulp talked to Jay John, one of the brains behind this operation! Listen below....

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