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What Parents Miss Most About Being A Kid!

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Would you transport back to your childhood, if time travel was possible? Two-thirds of Americans would, according to new research. It looks into what parents miss most about being a kid and finds not having responsibilities (67%) and being stress-free (57%) take the top spots, followed by missing childhood friends (53%), having family gatherings (52%) and celebrating the holidays (52%).

The survey of 2-thousand parents of kids between five and 18 also reveals:

  • Things that instantly bring people back to their childhoods include watching their favorite childhood movies and shows (65%), the holidays (51%) and hearing specific sounds, like the ice cream truck (48%).
  • Three in four parents say they feel nostalgic about their younger years “often” or “always”.
  • Most parents (90%) have shared stories about their childhood with their kids.
  • 67% of respondents think their kids’ childhoods are much better than theirs were, as they feel their kids have more opportunities in life (65%), more access to technology (57%) and get more attention than they did as kids (56%).
  • Still, 83% say they’re glad they grew up in the era they did.
  • While 76% of parents polled consider their children to be mini versions of themselves, nearly all credit their kids for making them better people (93%).
  • When it comes to the holidays, parents say the holiday mornings are their favorite time of the season because they get to watch their little ones play with their toys (60%). Half of the parents surveyed also like to watch holiday movies together, while 42% enjoy sleeping in.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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