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Customer Claims Walmart Will Start Charging $1 To Use Their Carts!

Walmart store entrance

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A user on TikTok has gone viral after claiming that Walmart customers will soon be required to pay a dollar to use a cart.

In a video with over 7.2 million views, TikTok user Shawn (@soulforgepodcast) shows an apparent payment mechanism attached to a cart at Walmart in Canada.

“Starting February 1st, Walmart is going to charge you a dollar to take out their carts,” Shawn says in the video. What Sean isn't mentioning in the video is that while you might pay $1 to use the cart, when you leave the store, you get your $1 back. We can only guess that if Walmart does do this, this is in an effort to help prevent cart theft.

How do you feel about the idea of Walmart charging you $1 to use a cart?

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below...

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