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Leave The Kids At Home When You Shop And Save Money!

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Next time you go shopping, try leaving the kids at home – according to new research, it might just save you money. 

A new study has found two in three parents said shopping with their kids tends to be more expensive than just shopping by themselves. Solo ventures cost an average of $133; meanwhile shopping with kids costs an average of $179.

The poll of 2,000 US parents revealed that for 65%, shopping solo allows them to buy different things from different stores than when their kids are around. When shopping alone, parents look for groceries (44%), beauty products (42%), electronics (40%) and clothing (38%).

Shopping together was also found to give kids a chance to spend their own hard-earned money. Of the 61% of parents who give their children an allowance, 78% of them let their kids spend their money in whatever way they see fit.

However, 35% claimed shopping alongside their kids is like pulling teeth — and for many, bribery is the answer.

Many parents see shopping with their children as a chance for their family to bond — 44% prefer shopping in a physical store and 12% prefer to bond while shopping online.


  • The value of a dollar – 62 %
  • Difference between necessities and nice-to-haves – 58 %
  • Patience – 50 %
  • How to look for deals – 50 %
  • What items are needed – 47 %
  • Where to locate things in a store – 39 %
  • How to ask for assistance – 37 %

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen, below...

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