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Teachers Share Best Ways To Thank Them For Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Teaching is a profession that deserves more credit and respect than it gets. Dedicated teachers spend their time and own money to make sure their classrooms have what they need so our kids get the best education they can. This week (May 8th to May 12th) is Teacher Appreciation Week, so it’s time to show those teachers how much we value them and what they do.

CafeMom asked real teachers what they like best when it comes to gifts from students and parents. While most of them don’t need another coffee mug, they do love gifts that are personal and from the heart, including these.

  • Food - One teacher says she always loves it when parents offer to buy her lunch and another enjoys being surprised with treats like coffee, tea, a cookie or cupcake.
  • School supplies - Replenishing supplies used by students in the classroom is a great gift, according to several teachers.
  • Something from the heart - You don’t have to spend a dime to get a teacher something she will love, some of their favorite thank you gifts are handwritten notes from their students. And if you slip a gift card in there with it, even better!
  • Volunteer - Coming in to help out in the classroom is always appreciated by teachers. They also say parents who offer to do tedious prep work like stapling paper packets, making copies or cutting out things for projects help in a huge way.
  • Don’t forget the high school teachers - Teacher appreciation shouldn’t stop once students are teenagers, so keep those high school teachers in mind. They don’t get gifts as often, but are very thankful when they do, especially gift cards for food and gas or personal notes from students.
  • Gift cards - Even a $5 gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin can get the teacher a treat and they love that. Gift cards to Amazon and Target are always useful for buying classroom supplies as well.
  • Personalized gifts - A notepad or pens with their name on them make great gifts for teachers.
  • A note to their boss - Taking the time to send a note or an email to a principal letting them know how wonderful a teacher is doesn’t cost anything, but it’s an excellent way to show that teacher that you appreciate them.

Carolyn McArdle and Cort Johnson talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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