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Half of Americans Say Their Soulmate Is Their Pet

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A new survey shows that over half of Americans say their soulmate is their pet.

The survey of 2,000 U.S. pet owners revealed that 53 percent believe their pet knows them better than anyone else in their life, including their best friends, family members or even their significant others.

Almost half (45%) tell all their deepest secrets to their pets and 72 percent swear their pet can tell exactly what they’re feeling at any point in time.

According to respondents, pets can pick up on when you feel upset (71%), when someone is outside the home (66%), when you feel happy (61%), when you feel angry (58%) and when you feel tired (43%).

One in four (25%) claimed their pet can even mirror their emotions “most” or “all” of the time. Pets like to mimic certain human-like traits, like coming to help when they’re needed (61%), eating together or at the same time (49%), snoring (48%) or sleeping under the blankets (46%).

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