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The 8 Foods That Nutritionists Say You Should Eat

School of sardines (Clupeidae)

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There are a lot of foods out there that are good for you... but often, doesn't it seem like many of them are a little 'gross?'

No food is inherently "gross," stresses Natalie Gillett, a registered dietitian and owner of Natalie Gillett Nutrition. Instead, such judgments are often shaped by cultural and psychological factors, she said.

Here are 8 foods that might elicit a "yuck" but are a big "yes" for your health.

  • Tremella Mushrooms - these nutrient rich fungi are often slammed because of their slimy nature.
  • Natto - from Japan, the fermented soybeans, doesn't look or smell good - but has a lot of benefits.
  • Cottage Cheese - people don't like it's chunky nature, it's packed full of calcium and lean protein.
  • Sardines - they're not great to look at, but full of protein and vitamins.
  • Fermented Foods - teaming with probiotics, they're a great way to aid digestion
  • Tuna Fish - from Omega 3 to B12, tuna might not smell great, but is great for the body.
  • Organ Meats - we're talking livers, hearts and kidneys, rich in minerals and v
  • Insect.s

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