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We Now Know What Grimace Is At McDonalds

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Most people can probably describe what the McDonald's character Grimace looks like, however, if you ask them tell you what Grimace is... now, that's another story.

Until now.

Since being introduced back in the early 1970s, Grimace was described by the company as an “ambiguous” blob of a mascot. Grimace was depicted as a villain known as “Evil Grimace.”— with four arms — who was focused on stealing McDonald’s milkshakes.

But back in 2014, via Twitter - the company more or less stated that Grimace was “the embodiment of a milkshake or taste bud.”

A taste bud!

Though, recently, with the advent of the Grimace Birthday Meal, McDonald's released this statement:

“Grimace is from Grimace Island and comes from a huge family (including his Grandma Winky, aunts Millie and Tillie and his Uncle O’Grimacey!) Our timeless bestie has become a fan-favorite known for his signature fuzzy purple look, friendly and playful personality, love for shakes, and of course – ambiguous nature.”

Hear Carolyn and Cort talk about it on The Morning Breeze here:

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