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Expert Reveals Secret To Securing Concert Tickets

Woman using tablet pc.

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A new survey says that 53% of adults have missed out on buying tickets to a music festival or concert... because they were stuck in an online queue.

Ask anyone who tried to get Taylor Swift tickets.

Music journalist Georgie Rogers is also a ticket-buying expert - and is now revealing the secrets of what you should be doing to secure tickets to the most competitive concerts and festivals.

Rogers says she takes a “military operation” approach when it comes to getting tickets - and says teaming up with friends and family to all try their luck is the key to success.

According to Rogers, tablets tend to work best as they are the quickest to connect to the internet, and would-be attendees should know the layout of different venues by heart so they know what tickets and seats to get.

However, overloading a Wi-Fi network is a no-no, as this can slow the connection and lead to missed opportunities.

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