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Painting Your Walls This Color Helps Your Home Sell Faster

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After looking at a series of studies of more than 4,700 recent and prospective home buyers, the real estate website Zillow said that the color of walls could either HELP or HINDER the homes sale price by hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars.

The right color could also help you sell your home quicker.

So what colors should you opt for if you're selling your house?

That all depends.

Bright colors like yellow can make you feel cheery... and blue can help calm... but when it comes to current and future homebuyers... it's all about gray. Specifically: charcoal gray.

“Gray is the color of retreat,” Mehnaz Khan, a color psychology specialist and interior designer in Albany, New York, told Zillow.

Inside, various shades of gray were found to improve potential offers.

According to Zillow, participants would offer over $2,500 more for a home with a graphite gray or a mid tone pewter gray kitchen than similar homes with a different color in the kitchen. Living rooms and bedrooms painted dark gray brought in potential offers of at least $1,755 more than those in pale neutrals. 

Zillow’s survey found recent and potential home buyers largely disliked bright colors like daisy yellow and light blue the least across the house. 

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