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Last Friday Was the Busiest Day in TSA History

Crowds of travelers in long queue at TSA Security Check at Denver International Airport over summer holiday weekend.

Photo: Getty Images

If you traveled by plane last Friday and thought it was busy... you weren't alone.

The Transportation Security Administration says last Friday, June 30th, was the busiest day in its history, breaking a record that had stood since the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2019.

The agency tweeted that it screened 2,883,595 individuals on June 30, beating the Dec. 1, 2019, record of 2,882,915 by 680.

To no one's surprise, the days around Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July have historically been very busy travel days, though it has taken passenger numbers until now to fully rebound from the pandemic according to WGN.

And given that traveling by plane is on the increase, there's a good chance that a new record will be set again around Th

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