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5 Ways to Take Better Pics on Your Phone

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Photo: Tim Robberts / DigitalVision / Getty Images

You can use your phone to do a lot of things - but how good are you at using it for pictures?

We mean GOOD pictures.

Here are some tips from a tech/camera expert to help take that perfect pic.

1. Set yourself up for success

When was the last time you did a little upkeep on your phone’s camera?

Clean your camera lens with a microfiber cloth: Inexpensive microfiber cloths are excellent because they won’t scratch your lenses. Wipe down your front and back cameras to get rid of any fingerprints or debris. Be gentle.

2. Go au naturel

Natural light beats artificial light in nearly every situation. It’s not quite that simple, though. Remember these rules of thumb:

Don’t photograph a person standing directly under a light. Direct light is harsh and can highlight bumps, wrinkles and blemishes. Soft natural light is much more flattering.

Have your subject face the light so it illuminates their features. Outside, that means facing the sun. If you’re stuck with artificial light, do the same. Have the person look toward the light.

3. Use a tripod

Depending on what you’re taking photos of, a tripod can go a long way. It helps you find the perfect height and keeps your phone stable. It might feel like overkill, but tripods don’t cost much and genuinely make a difference. 

Pro tip: They’re perfect for group photos. No more leaning your phone against something and hoping it stays up.

4. The golden rule

Ever wonder what that grid option in your smartphone camera is good for? Nope, you don’t want to center your subject. Instead, use the rule of thirds.

It’s a composition guideline that divides your image into a three-by-three grid. All the key elements should be along the lines, not in the middle of a square. This makes for a more balanced, dynamic result.

5. Don’t wait for the perfect moment

Capturing movement is challenging. All the dog owners and parents of small children know what I mean. Burst mode can help. This feature enables your camera to take pictures faster than humanly possible. You get multiple photos for each second and can select your favorites.

Read more tips here.

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