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Learn the Restaurant Hack To Quickly Chill Wine (Or Any Beverage!)

Late Summer Wine

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There may be a time where you want to share a bottle of wine but didn't think to pre-chill it.

There is always the go-to ice bath, but sometimes that isn't to do - no ice bucket, not enough ice. And of course, you'd never want to add ice cubes IN the wine.

You could put in your freezer to chill... but that takes time.

Restaurants have used a hack for years that works well - that COULD work for you. It involves your freezer but is a lot quicker - and includes the use of a towel.

Simply wrap the wine bottle in a cold, damp towel. If you have a cold freezer with plenty of room for airflow, place the towel-covered bottle in the freezer or your refrigerator. 

But the key here is: AIRFLOW.

If your freezer is full, there won't be enough airflow around the bottle to cause the cold air to react with the damp towel.

The great part - is this hack can be used for pretty much any beverage!

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