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Netflix Wants to Send You 10 DVDs

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Remember back when Netflix sent you DVDs in the mail to watch?

Believe it or not, they've still been doing it over the past 25 years... but that will soon change.

September 29th will be the final day they'll mail out DVDs to customers, as they shutter that portion of their business.

But what will happen to all those DVDs? You're in luck.

Members of Netflix DVDs will get 10 free DVDs. Here's how you can get yours!

Receiving your ten Netflix DVDs is straight forward, but you have to have a subscription to Netflix DVD plan. Luckily, even though the service is shutting down soon, they’re still taking new members until Aug. 28.

  • Navigate to Netflix DVD’s main page. If you don’t have a membership, sign-up.
  • Login to your Netflix DVD account.
  • Make sure your queue contains at least 10 DVDs.
  • Existing members have already received an email with the link to Netflix’s Finale site, but if you’ve just signed up, login and navigate to
  • Congratulations, you’ve opted in! You won’t necessarily get all of the 10 latest discs in your queue, but you might. Or you might get some of them. It’s a crap-shoot.

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