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Thirsty Raccoons Are Breaking Into Homes in Germany and Stealing Beer


Photo: STEFANIE LOOS / AFP / Getty Images

Despite racoons not being native to the country, Germany is having a bit of a racoon problem.

Since being introduced to the country less than 100 years ago, the number of the smallmammals in the country has grown to several hundred thousand.

Germans often refer to them as waschbären — washing bears — because of their habit of dunking their food before they eat it... while other Germans just call them straight-up annoyances. 

Especially when beer is involved.

According to The Telegraph, vacationers and locals alike are getting home and discovering that raccoons have raided their kitchens, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage in the process, including stealing any beer they can find.

On less frustrating occasions, the raccoons have been seen at city parks, knocking over discarded beer bottles so they could drink whatever booze was left inside.

“Raccoons are funny and clever … and they like beer,” Berthold Langenhorst of the German Nature Conservation Association (NABU), said. 

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