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Expert Shares Natural Solutions to Prevent House Spiders

Spider On A Picture Rail

Photo: Difydave / E+ / Getty Images

It's that time of year... where those spiders we see outside... like to move inside.

Whether we want them or not.

And if you'd rather not spray your home with chemicals, experts have some all-natural ways to keep spiders out.

And it all comes down to having a bit of lavender in the house.

These experts have advised: "Spiders can't stand lavender and won't want to be near the smell. A lavender-scented essential oil can do the trick as the aroma will spread around the home."

According to guidance given on the website Bugstips, spiders aren't keen at all on strong smells, lavender being one of them. Lavender is understood to contain compounds such as linalool and linalyl acetate, which are said to have repellent properties.

If you're not too keen on the scent yourself, there are also a number of other ingredients that will stop spiders getting too comfy in your living room, including mint and peppermint oil.

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