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How To Get The Best Deal on Rental Cars (According to the Experts)

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Saving money always feel good.

Unlike spending more money than you should... which is the worst!

Travel experts have put together a list of hacks to get the best deals when renting a car:

  • Leverage credit card perks, cash-back options and more to cut down on rental car costs.
  • Rent away from the airport to find better deals.
  • Earn cash back by booking through cash-back portals.
  • Leverage credit card perks for free collision damage waiver insurance, free upgraded status, travel credits, exclusive discounts and bonus rewards.
  • Book through warehouse clubs for exclusive savings.
  • Skip add-ons like car seats, GPS systems and satellite radio.
  • Don't use the toll pass without paying.
  • Read the fine print and take time to consider add-ons.
  • Bundle rentals with a hotel or flight booking.
  • Compare rates and vehicles, including small local rental companies.
  • Book in advance to get ahead of price hikes.
  • Do not prepay for fuel.
  • Ask for free upgrades.
  • Reconsider renting at all and opt for public transit, bicycles or walking.

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