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This Is Why You Should Keep Your Toilet Paper In The Fridge!

pregnant woman buys toilet paper in the supermarket

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We know this seems weird but experts are saying you should store your toilet paper in your refrigerator! Here's why...

Followers of the trend claim a roll of toilet paper will absorb smelly odors inside fridges. It’s meant to work the same way as most people use an open box of baking soda for fridge smells.

This isn't the first time we've heard about this. The "trend" gained popularity in 2015 and now it's making the rounds on social media again.

They say that you should replace the roll about every three weeks.

The baking soda method remains the number one solution for most households (not to mention baking soda is a lot cheaper than toilet paper). 

Another option? Soak a cotton ball in vanilla and place it in the refrigerator — it’ll smell like a bakery.

One more suggestion: Crumpled newspaper and crushed charcoal. You’ll have to replace the newspaper every day for about a week.

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