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Year in Review: The Worst-Behaved Tourists of 2023

the monumental facade of the Colosseum, the largest Roman amphitheatre ever built and one of Rome's most iconic tourist attractions, June 28, 2018

Photo: Manfred Gottschalk / Stone / Getty Images

Tourists around the world have been behaving badly in 2023, damaging heritage sites, eating endangered species, and engaging in illegal activities.

In Italy, an American was fined for driving across the pedestrianized Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, while a Chinese influencer was fined for livestreaming herself cooking and eating a protected species of shark.

In Bali, a Russian tourist stripped off to take a semi-nude photo at a sacred site, and in Japan, authorities cracked down on visitors taking "indecent" photos at the Ghibli Park theme park.

Other incidents include tourists renting motorbikes in Bali causing accidents, "begpackers" asking for money in Hong Kong, and visitors to the UK's Lake District taking magic mushrooms.

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