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Cameron Diaz Wants To Normalize Separate Bedrooms For Married Couples.

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Actress Cameron Diaz has been happily married to Good Charlotte member Benji Madden for years now…but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want her own space! While appearing on the "Lipstick on the Rim" podcast, hosted by Molly Sims and Emese Gormley, the actress seemed to support couples sleeping in their own beds, and having a third bed for couples time.

The actress shared what her dream scenario for bedtime is…or used to be, at least. “I would literally…I have my house, you have yours, we have the family house in the middle. I will go sleep in my room, you go sleep in your room…and we have the bedroom in the middle that we can convene in,” Diaz says.

The hosts joked that “this is gonna be a bad headline,” but Diaz laughed it off. “I’ve already said it!” But then she quickly added “but I don’t feel that way now because my husband is so wonderful. I said that before I got married,” seemingly walking back some of her earlier comments.

Listen to her comments below and you tell us, separate bedrooms or no?

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