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When is Lunar New Year - and What Will It Bring?

Lion Dance During Chinese New Year

Photo: Merrill Images / Corbis Documentary / Getty Images

The Lunar New Year is this Saturday, February 10th... but what will that mean for you?

The Lunar New Year in 2024 will bring the Year of the Wood Dragon, which is associated with strong leadership qualities and determination.

This year will encourage personal growth and fresh starts in relationships.

The Wood element will play a significant role, motivating us to make positive changes and reach new heights.

Financial success is likely, but it's important to be open-minded and flexible to seize opportunities.

Overcoming obstacles will require strategic planning and perseverance.

It's important to be cautious of others' intentions and to listen and be compassionate towards loved ones.

This is a year to embrace love and commit to relationships.

Building confidence and reciting positive affirmations will help achieve goals.

Asking for help and support is encouraged.

Academic and personal success is predicted, and stepping out of the comfort zone will lead to positive outcomes.

Being kind and empathetic towards oneself and others is important.

Nurturing creativity and staying grounded during turbulent times is advised.

This year is a good time to make projects a reality, but balance is crucial.


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