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New Bill Sets to Establish a Four-Day Workweek

4-day work week symbol. Concept words 4-day work week on wooden blocks on beautiful background from dollar bills. Copy space. Business and 4-day work week and short workweek concept.

Photo: Dzmitry Dzemidovich / iStock / Getty Images

Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill to reduce the standard U.S. workweek to four days without loss of pay. The "Thirty-Two Hour Work Week Act" aims to gradually decrease the workweek from 40 to 32 hours over four years, with provisions for overtime compensation.

Sanders argues that American workers are more productive than ever but are working longer hours for lower wages, and believes it's time for a change to benefit the working class.

The bill has been introduced in both the Senate and the House, with Sanders holding a hearing to discuss the proposal and gather expert testimonies.

The legislation is seen as a step towards ensuring workers share in economic growth and enjoy a better quality of life, drawing inspiration from other countries that have successfully implemented shorter workweeks.


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