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Cicada-Geddon - Biggest Bug Emergence in Centuries in Midwest and South

Periodical Cicada, Adult, Magicicada spp. Requires 17 years to complete development. Nymph splits its skin, and transforms into an adult. Feeds on sap of tree roots. Northern Illinois Brood. This brood is the largest emergence of cicadas anywhere

Photo: Ed Reschke / Stone / Getty Images

Trillions of periodical cicadas, with bizarre features like jet-like muscles and loud collective songs, are set to emerge in numbers not seen in decades.

These black bugs, different from their annual green cousins, will cover landscapes and create a unique spectacle.

This year, two broods of cicadas will invade parts of the United States, creating a phenomenon known as "cicada-geddon."

The insects, with prime number emergence cycles of 13 or 17 years, will provide a fascinating natural spectacle for observers.

The cicadas' unique biology, mating rituals, and impact on trees make them a captivating subject for study and observation.


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