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Consumer Reports says Lunchables Should Not be Allowed on Menu for Schools


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Consumer Reports has petitioned the USDA to remove Lunchables from school cafeterias due to high sodium levels and harmful chemicals found in the popular kids' snack kits.

The watchdog group found that school versions of Lunchables contain even higher sodium levels than store-bought versions, posing health risks to children.

In addition to excessive sodium, the kits also tested positive for lead, cadmium, and phthalates, which can have long-term health effects.

Consumer Reports highlighted concerns about additives in Lunchables and called for healthier options in school lunches.

Kraft Heinz, the maker of Lunchables, defended the products' safety and nutritional improvements, but the USDA stated that individual food items are not disallowed, emphasizing the need for balanced meals in schools.


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