Hidden Valley Wants to Make Ranch Pop-Tarts and the Internet Is Going Wild!

This week, Hidden Valley responded to a tweet in which Kyle Heroff of St. Paul, MN, requested they team up with Pop-Tarts to make Ranch Dressing Pop-Tarts a thing you can buy. Their response? "Hey @PopTartsUS - let's have some fun and give the people what they want."


As with anything on social media, this sparked some seriously mixed reviews and quite honestly, I'm not even sure how I feel about it. On the one hand I am absolutely appalled and on the other, well...Ranch could transform these typically sweet pastries into a savory snack for all. It's equally disgusting and intriguing, TBH.

Sadly for those who are all in for making said Ranch toaster pastries a thing, Pop-Tarts wasn't as enthusiastic as Hidden Valley was about the idea:

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