Mom Helps HERO Who Saved Daughter From Drowning Fund His Dream Wedding

Samantha Whiting from Texas is helping Kevin Cozzi, the hero who rescued her 10-year-old daughter from drowning, by raising money to give him a dream wedding and honeymoon.

She set up a GoFundMe campaign under the name “A hero named Kevin.” Kevin who is from California saved her daughter from drowning at Monterey Beach. Back in August, the Texas family were in Monterey Beach when 10-year-old Hayley got caught up in a riptide that took her far out into the ocean.“

Whiting says she and her daughter called out for help and Cozzi instantly swam out to save them. Now, Whiting is helping raise money for Cozzi and his fiance to have their dream wedding and honeymoon. She started a GoFundMe page last week that’s already exceeded its $20,000 goal with more than 700 good Samaritans donating $22,005 as of Sunday.